Refresh Your Customer’s Memory

How often should you refresh?

In this tech-savvy age in which most individuals not only expect quick, easily accessible information, but are reliant on it, it is utterly crucial to provide your customers with the proper guidance and knowledge. 

With a click of their mouse, a customer wants instant access. Access to new products, new deals, new ideas. But this access needs to be personable. Yes, most people are fully aware they are using machinery and technology to make their purchases, but at heart, they want to know they are dealing with living, breathing human being. Someone with feelings, goals, and memories. Someone who cares. 
And what does a human being crave most? No, not a new Gucci bag or a Lamborghini (although those are crave-worthy). They crave connection. And how do people connect? With communication. No matter how flash or sparkly your website is, if your customer can’t communicate with you effectively and easily, it will most likely spell doom. So to keep your business humming along like a well oiled engine, make sure to improve the way you communicate with your customers. 
According to Andrew Loos, CXO of marketing agency Attack!, there are 3 surefire ways to improve communication with your customers:
1) Share valuable information before customers realise it themselves. Be the person who not only challenges your customers to think but to also explore new intellectual territory. Engage them.
2) Push back — so long as you’re coming from the right place. That’s right; it’s not a typo. Disagree. But only disagree if you are really, really right and if the customer is walking onto a land mine. When disputing someone’s opinion, go to great lengths to explain why you disagree. Often, the very act of exposition shows that you care enough to spend your time and resources to get to the root of an issue. It shows that you’re coming from a place of expertise and experience, not simply looking for control.
3) Surprise your customers with updates from the field. Pretty self-explanatory, but if you are the person that connects your customers to the people and ideas they need to know, watch your credibility skyrocket.
Engage with your customers. Talk to them. Listen to them,. Discuss with them. Be human. Refresh your customer’s memory. It is a surefire way to improve your business.
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