First Impressions Last…

Make it count

The human brain is quick to make first impressions. In less than a tenth of a second a person can formulate a perception of someone or something. People can identify if they are attracted to someone or a product relatively quickly so when it comes to your business brand it pays to nail that first impression.

Whether you like it or not, potential customers judge your business in a split second based on the look and feel of your brand. In an international world that is overly saturated with advertisements, a successful ad has to stand out and make an immediate positive impression…or it will risk being ignored.

Here are four tips on nailing that first impression:

Know yourself. Create a quick and simple message. Take time to figure this out. What is your business about? What is your built-in story? What does this advertisment say about you?

Know your customer. Know your demographic. What does your ideal customer look like? Yes, any customer who BUYS your product is an ideal customer, but close your eyes and picture a person using your product. What do they look like? Good; use that data. Knowing your customer is effective as you have an idea about their attitudes, beliefs, and needs. Knowing these key qualities will help you grab and retain their attention.

Keep it simple. Truly creative ideas never confuse. A potential customer should walk away and think, “I get it.”

Think big, be big. Stand out. Use visuals and styles that make you pop, that make you truly three dimensional in a sea of one-dimensional advertising. Coordinate font, images, colours, and patterns to make your design “sexy”. Basically, pick out the “right clothes”.

Essentially, your brand, or logo, is your “first date” with your customer. You want your customer to call you back so make sure to make a strong first impression. In the speed-dating type world of marketing, it pays to have a killer pick-up line.

“Does your left eye hurt? Because you’ve been looking right all day…”

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