6 Ways to Save Time While You Nurture Leads

Grow your pipeline

Nurturing leads and existing customers takes time, but both are of critical importance to the success of a business. After all we are not ‘in business’ without our customers. Many business leaders use Automated Lead Nurturing in order to solve the problem of time. Here at Online Marketing Agency we call our automated lead nurturing system a ‘Sales Nurture Campaign’. Traditionally we have used Sales Nurture Campaigns to nurture cold leads into hot prospects, but we have also thought up six new ways to use automated lead nurturing to save you time. Here’s how it works:

Basically Sales Nurture Campaigns are created to send pre-populated but personalised emails to a target database over time, to educate them on your business and keep them engaged. These touch points emails are scheduled to send on an automated system, nurturing your prospects behind the scenes, leaving you more time to focus on new marketing ideas. (Read more about Sales Nurturing here).

Traditionally our customers have used Sales Nurture Campaigns to nurture cold leads into hot prospects, but they can be used for so much more… So we’ve come up with some new ideas about how you can use a Sales Nurture Campaign to boost your sales.

Here’s some (new) ways to use Sales Nurture Campaigns to boost new sales:

New customer induction campaign - There is no better time than when a customer first purchases with you, to educate them further. Let them know what other services and products you offer, and affirm their purchasing decision.
New service or product launch - Want to run an ongoing promotion of a new product or service? Set up a Sales Nurture Campaign and let it work its automated magic... leaving you more time to service sales enquiries.

    Lead nurturing about specific product or service - Your tried and tested products and services  are your security. Educate customers on all the ways in which they can use  your products and services, because you believe in their value.

    Cross selling or upselling - Perhaps you have a cycle of products or services that complement one another and therefore become ‘wishlist’ items for your customers each time they purchase? Remind your customers what they forgot they wished for.

    Referrals - Word of mouth is still the most effective and trustworthy form of advertising. Why not use an automated campaign to ask for referrals once you have established trust and built a strong relationship with your customers?

    Anniversary Campaign - Customer been with you for a year now? 2? 10? Use Sales Nurturing to offer them your thanks and remind them of their importance to you!

    There are so many possibilities for nurturing your customers toward new sales, all you need to ask is “what will they find important?... what do we wish our customers knew about us?”. From there, we can help you create a Sales Nurture Campaign that you can leverage and use over and over again as new customers come on board.


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