Essentials of Email Newsletter Communication - Content Ideas

Content is king

The essence of great newsletter content is providing your readers with value. There is a lot to be gained from sharing your expertise and insights, namely: maintaining a degree of relevancy and usefulness between purchases, and appearing at the forefront of your client’s memory to nurture repeat sales. 

The past two months we have explored how client retention is key to growing your business, making it imperative that your existing customers feel valued. Part 1 of Essentials of Email Communication narrowed in on Optimal Frequency of Contact - read it here to catch up, and Part 2 gave tips on Managing your Database - read it here to catch up
After reading those last two articles, you can put a few more organisational ducks in a row and now consider what content to actually send your clients... 
So what do customers see as valuable? 
It’s simpler than you think. Just ask yourself “what is important to my customers and what value am I able to provide?”. Ask yourself these questions:
Does your customer need...?

  • To be updated on new services or products
  • To be alerted about specials and promotions
  • To receive the latest industry knowledge
  • Tips, tricks, and insights
  • To give you feedback via a survey or poll
  • To be alerted of upcoming events
  • Insights into the areas of your business they may not be aware of

Can you provide...?

  • Latest research and findings from your industry
  • Skill based knowledge and tips
  • Case studies on work completed or customer testimonials
  • Meet the team bios - bringing a personal touch and/or highlighting expertise
  • Advice from an expert perspective

 And on a final note, always provide an opportunity for the customer to engage with your service. Use a call to action, like “we always welcome your feedback, feel free to give us a call on 09 413 7999. This is a simple way to ask the customer to engage with you in the interim between your contact. They chose you, so remind them that you care and are the business behind the value they are receiving. 

We all have value to provide, that’s why we are in business. With a focus on serving our customers to the utmost of our ability and utilising everything we have to offer, we are going to stand out amongst the crowd. The first step is to brainstorm: “what value can we provide”. 
The second step is to invest in a marketing system that means you are nurturing repeat sales every month. Implement your planning from Essentials of Email Newsletter Communication 1 and Essentials of Email Newsletter Communication 2, and there you have a regular email marketing routine!
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