Essentials of Email Newsletter Communication - Frequency of Contact

How often is too often?

Loyalty and reward driven, today’s consumer needs to feel valued in order to find your business valuable. And considering that they- the existing customer who returns to us time and again- are the life force of any business, it seems a no-brainer that we let them know they are valued. Yet too often, we lend all our focus to goals, forecasts, and new clientele. 

This is a critical mistake. At Online Marketing Agency we find email newsletters to be a useful tool for nurturing our existing clients. So, in taking our own advice about adding value, we have decided to share our tips for implementing email newsletters into your marketing practice. Our three part series will include insights on frequency of contact, database management, and types of content to include. Enjoy, Part 1… Frequency of contact. 
As with any routine you’d consider implementing, your first consideration is time- you need to decide on the frequency of contact you would like to make with your customers. This is dependent on the amount of time both you and your customer have available to you. 
  • Time is of the essence 
    Consider how much information your customer is likely to consume, and what they look to you for as a service. Are they time hungry professionals who need consistent yet condensed updates? Or are they hungry for information- the more they can squeeze out of you the better? 

  • Time is money 
    Sharing the work is important in a successful email newsletter communication programme. You need to be able to manage the workload, or be able to outsource it to an agency, so don’t bite off more than you can chew. Take into account the amount of time you as a business are able to invest in creating content, and who will project manage your deadlines. At the end of the day, as a business owner, you can get caught up in the day to day tasks of running a business, so spreading the newsletter tasks amongst the team is the key to success. 

  • From time to time 
    We think sending monthly newsletters is the perfect compromise between the customer’s time and yours. It gives you a few weeks to collate content, yet it is frequent enough to keep you well within the radar of your clients. And any pressing updates in between? - send them as email alerts. 
  • Keep good time 
    Implement the frequency into your routine - and stick to it. Frequent, structured contact builds an image of reliability in your customer’s mind. Just like a friendship, someone is going to feel valued when there is consistency in the maintenance of the relationship. It sends a subtle but clear message “this person (business) is thinking of me, and therefore cares about me”. Create an email newsletter calendar. Set yourself monthly deadlines for drafting, completing, and sending content. Make the frequency of contact important to you by being consistent, and it will become important to your customer. 
  • Ultimately, you must remember that the lifeline of your business is those existing customers who have chosen your service and product. They are a valuable asset, so you need to treat them so. They are worth your time ;-)


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