Follow your Leads

How do you take care of opportunities?

Did you know your website can be the ultimate lead capturing tool, in being able to capture, track, and report on where your visitors have come from and how they have interacted on your website? 

We are always the first to stress the importance of a good quality website as a marketing tool, as well as a way of capturing sales leads, though not many people really understand how. The one thing we will let leak is; the rub is in the reporting. Reporting allows you to make informed changes to your website and teaches you the importance of taking care of it. Think of it like a living and breathing cuddly animal that you need to consistently take good care of. 
Recently, we’ve been seeing more and more articles from multiple avenues that argue against things like social media and websites as a means of generating traffic, gaining brand popularity and turning enquiries into sales conversions. This is simply due to the fact that there has yet to be a formula for people using these tools to get accurate reports back on what they’re sinking their media spend into... until NOW! 
Here in our humble Auckland offices, we saw a need for this developing a long time ago and were already aware of making sure we got the best bang for buck for all of our clients when it came to the marketing tools they were using in the online world. 
Without being able to see what kind of success rate a billboard has on the motorway versus a Google display advert online, how can we possibly advise our clients where to invest? 
Using our knowledge of reporting we can show our clients just how much pulling power their site actually has. Not to mention the fact that we’ve saved them money by knowing what areas of advertising are getting them absolutely squat. 
Our recommendation is to get your website reviewed at least once a year. Have you done yours? Get a FREE marketing assessment from us now.


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