Why the Email is Bringing Business Back

In the Golden age of the Tweet and the Facebook Post, in which one out of every four people on this planet uses social media:

1) It is imperative to not overlook the email. Sure, Twitter and Facebook might have glitz and glam with their celebrity endorsements and tie-in Academy Award winning films, but all the attractiveness in the world cannot overtake functionality and accessibility. 

2) Over half the world uses email, and it is a number that will continue to grow. Especially since smartphones allow quick and direct access to emails. Whether you are taking photos of the pyramids in Egypt, drinking sangria on the streets of Barcelona, or in the office, email is sent and received almost instantaneously. 

Because of this, email has streamlined both internal and external contact. It makes for faster and easier communication of important business information, allowing for almost real time status updates. Business-wise, email is an effective sales tool in educating to motivate a sale. 

Email allows companies to efficiently and effectively spread information about their products and services, both to returning customers and potential ones. It is a touchpoint that presents what your business has to offer to your potential client. The email is generally your first form of communication so it is essential to properly educate your potential clients about what you have to offer. Nourish your clients with education; make sure to out-educate your competition. 

If executed effectively, your email will also present a call-to-action function; a function that allows an easy process of purchasing your products and/or services. In saying this, here are three etiquettes to consider when promoting your business and products via email: Subject Line, Salutation, and Proofreading. 

Subject Line 
When a business receives dozens of emails per day a little bit of subject knowledge through your subject line is most appreciative. Make your title relevant to your content. For example, “Business-time: Don’t forget the Email” 

As much as you want to impress your potential client with your knowledge of hip hop lyrics as your salutation, it would be advisable to hold off on that until you build a more casual relationship with them. Before testing out the waters you have to make sure you can swim. Also, using the client’s first name will make your email much more personable and less robotic. A simple “Kindest Regards” or “Sincerely” is still seen as personable as well as professional and polite. 

Although spellcheck will help, make sure your grammar is correct. For example, in the previous sentence, if you wrote “you’re” instead of “your” before the word “grammar” spell check would not have detected it as incorrect. Be diligent with your grammar; your reputation is on the line. Additionally, CAPITALISING EVERY SINGLE LETTER in the email is a no-go. Unless you are yelling and need to get a point across; it’s basically the email equivalent of doing so. And no emoticons. NEVER USE EMOTICONS!


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