Worst Website Homepages

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The irony is profound - http://cavs.mit.edu/ 

Fun for a while, then as annoying as Angry Birds. Or the Itchy and Scratchy theme song. What’s worse, can someone tell me what they actually do?!
Is it still high art even if there’s nothing, anywhere to dictate that it is in fact art in the first place? Is it for sale? What am I doing here???!!
Ha! I get it, it’s a game of catch! But I just want the information, not to have to grab a heading. Cause I couldn’t get one. Now I’m left feeling silly.
Oh man… Ok, I just thought the name was funny but now I see the site is too! Why would you open in a new window? With theme music strangely reminiscent of a 90’s sitcom?
This was made earlier this year. Good Lord. No pun intended.
The buckle of the Bible belt must have been replaced...holster help anybody?
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