Design: Your Brand’s Silent Ambassador

“Accessible design is a good design” – Steve Ballmer, former CEO of Microsoft 

Your company’s brand starts with design: your logo. This visual introduction, as well as other aspects of design, needs to target your audience in a way that is useful, engaging, and professional.

Your design should provide an instant connection to the outstanding products and services that you offer. It should communicate unity, professionalism, and productivity.

The truth is that your design is always communicating a message. It’s up to you decide on what the message will be for the audience you are serving, and how exactly you will build those important relationships with them to keep them coming back as customers. When people see the logo or website you designed, they will associate it with whatever your main message is. So be careful with what you choose to associate with your brand. Huge corporations, such as McDonald’s, have entire groups of experts devoted to keeping the company “on brand” and connecting well with their audiences. If they make a misstep with revamping or updating their design, it could cost millions of dollars.

It pays to have a visually stimulating design as people will pay more for branded products. You will pay more for a pair of shoes with a polished, trendy design on it than one without, because the brand is important to you. Sometimes a lot more – even if you know that the other shoes are exactly the same otherwise. One has far more value than the other. It carries trust and relationships.

On their own, manufactured goods are practically worthless. Think about it; actual human beings are required very little with the process. A majority of the “work” is done by machines. That’s why the markup for profit is so high; you’re literally only paying for the brand. For instance, Jimmy Choo shoes. The shoes themselves are practically worthless. It might have cost a few dollars to make, at the most. Yet, a retail outlet will sell it to you for hundreds of times that amount, simply because the brand is valuable.

The most successful brands understand the true power of design. Paul Rand, the art director and graphic designer of Apple’s iconic Think Different campaign, once said that, “design is the silent ambassador of your brand.”

And who doesn’t want a silent ambassador promoting your brand, right?

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