How to Get a Room Full of Yes Men

Yes is it better than no?

Want to know how to get a room full of Jim Carrey’s staring back at you? Perhaps that specific image is slightly terrifying … But what I’m really talking about, is “yes men”. Well guess what? You’ve already got a room full of people, waiting to say yes to you.

You can fight to convert people to your brand or company all you want, but if you want the easy road to influence all you need to do is find your yes men. Your pre-existing audience. And I don’t mean existing customers. I mean those who already share your company’s beliefs. Through these, you can connect.

You can play naughts and crosses with prospects, in the hope that one side wins, or you can just fill that grid with ticks. Sounds easy, right? To achieve this, your brand needs to be human. The humanity of brands is hot topic currently, and it’s no passing phase. Just read the reviews of Google’s Brand Reimagined Conference earlier this year, and you see that it was the song sung over and over again.

When you are thinking now, “but who are my yes men?”, do not limit your answer to your existing customers. That box is already ticked. The yes men to focus on are those who share in your beliefs, your values. They don’t need converting, you just need to remind them how much they love the sound of yes!

How do you find your yes men? Consider these three things:

  1. What are the core beliefs of my company?
  2. What is the most human thing about my brand? What human desire am I appealing to?
  3. Last, but certainly not least, who are not my yes men? Where am I wasting my energy and resources?

Who are your yes men? Pull out the seats, starting putting them in rows, and fill up that room! People want to be a part of something. If Jim Carrey can do it, so can you. Just say yes … man.

And if you’re not positive who your yes men are, we can say yes to helping you. Our correct digits are 09 413 7999.


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