Lost the plot? Don’t worry ... so has this American News Anchor

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Sometimes there are work assignments that are just plain aggravating and difficult; work assignments that are synonymous with misery, torment, and dread. And sometimes there are work assignments that you just need to walk away from and pass on to a co-worker… 

Orlando Fox’s 35 news anchor John Brown recently had one of these days. As a news anchor, he sometimes has to report stories about an oversaturated topic: celebrities. Especially in regards to the Kardashian family and their extended members. 
Sure, Caitlynn Jenner’s transformational journey is newsworthy and groundbreaking. But is the revelation of the new Kardashian bunny’s name truly newsworthy? 
Brown didn’t think so. Like the infamous news anchor Howard Beale from the iconic newsroom film Network, Brown was mad as hell and he wasn’t going to take it anymore. And so he walked away… 
Watch the walk of fame (or shame, depending on your view) here


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