Great Scott! The marketing challenges of the Hoverboard

Great news! The Lexus hoverboard does work on water!

Bad news? There is no timeline as to when it will be released and, more importantly, HOW MUCH it will cost. 

The Lexus hoverboard, which uses maglev (magnetic levitation) technology to make the device work, requires a magnetic metal track. So unfortunately your typical skate park won’t be of much use for the hoverboard. Lexus had to convert a skate park in Barcelona by installing hundreds and hundreds of small magnets. Not only was it timely, but it was costly. 
How costly? What is the most you would pay for a hoverboard? $500? $5,000? And how much will the maintenance for the maglev technology cost? What about hoverboard park fees? 
Let’s ignore the fact that there is no price tag (or a release date); what other marketing challenges will hoverboard companies, such as Lexus, face? 
They face hype and expectation. The hoverboard isn’t just a typical product. People have been pining for the hoverboard ever since Back to the Future II came out. And they don’t want a watered down version of McFly’s hoverboard; they want the same movement, the same speed, the same look. They want what McFly had. Anything less is a major disappointment. 
Last year, American startup Arx Pax raised over half a million dollars through a Kickstarter campaign to fund its Hendo Hoverboard. While the Hendo Hoverboard was notably impressive, it was a baby step towards the McFly hoverboard. It has very limited movement and the device is dependent on batteries that last just 10 minutes to 15 minutes and take an hour or two to charge. Still, not bad for a first attempt. 

The Lexus hoverboard packs a bit more punch. But how hover-hitting are we talking? Are we getting closer to a true-pink McFly hoverboard? Watch below.


We’re almost there…but will we ever be able to ride a true McFly hoverboard? Time will tell, but a personal hoverboard will not be released to the public in the near future. Unfortunately, for the time being, where we’re going…we still need unmagnetised roads.


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