And I’m Feline Good…


Cat, funny guy 

You know how I feel 
Clicks rating high 
You know how I feel 
Cat vid went viral 
You know how I feel 
It's a new click 
It's a new view 
It's a new like 
For me 
And I'm feline good
I'm feline good 
Our furry friends, are Kings of the Internet. No doubt, you’re only a couple of clicks away from being inundated with cat videos, or pictures, no matter your browsing location.
There are a few theories about the reason for the popularity of this cultural phenomenon. So I shall indulge you three insights and discuss how you can translate the ideas into your own content marketing: 
1) Feline Good. Dopamine, the “feel good” chemical, is the controller of the mind’s reward and pleasure centre. Bursts of dopamine are what’s released in the brain when we watch something pleasing online. According to a study conducted Dr Jessica Gall Myrick, watching cute videos of cats online boosts positive emotions and decreases negative emotions such as annoyance or anxiety. 
What does this mean for marketing?
If you want to make any kind of imprint, amongst the paw prints, you want to be encouraging your audience to feel good. Produce content and marketing that is rewarding, not annoying. Feel good content, will help them associate your brand with positive emotions. Remember, even if you consider your business more ‘serious’, your audience has to like and trust you! 
2) Innocence. Cats do not attempt to be clever, funny, or cute. They simply are. It is a clown’s pure naivete that is their very charm. As, with a cat’s. Dr. Radha O’Meara from Massey University’s study claims that O’Meara believes that cat videos allows the viewer to imagine a world where we are not under constant surveillance. 
What does this mean for marketing?
Your audience does not want to be pulled into a world of witchcraft and wizardry, pushing and pressuring. Be transparent with your audience; present your business with honesty and integrity and they will be drawn in. 
3) Video. You have a choice: click a video, or read text. Which is more enticing? They say “1 minute of video is worth 1.8 million words”. An arguable ‘statistic’, though a powerful sentiment. I doubt you need to be convinced, as video is a powerful and engaging medium which speaks for its own powers of seduction. 
What does this mean for marketing?
Keep a close watch for when the world is speaking unmistakably loud about what it wants. Respond, accordingly. The online world wants video. Not just any video, mind you. It must be able to win a catfight. Now there’s a challenge for you. Get your claws out. 

By this point you’re probably either feline good about your marketing, or in need of help with your cat-chphrases. You should contact us if you’d like another marketing lifeline - somehow we’re helping humans catch up to cats. 9 lives may be impossible. But 9 lifelines? Easy. Call us meow on 09 413 7999.
P.S. We couldn't help ourselves ....



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