Taglines: They’re Magically Delicious

Sure, you could argue and cry that you don’t need a tagline.

“But Google and Zappos don’t use a tagline and they’re fine!”

Yes, they don’t have taglines. But they do have tons of other devices/outlets to deliver their brand message/identity. They have resources that most companies, especially start-ups, do not have. They have money, influence, and power.

So if you have what Google has, then don’t worry about the tagline. But if you don’t, a tagline serves as your business signature. Within a short, concise yet powerful sentence, your tagline portrays the very essence and nature of your brand and you. It should be easy to visualise and easy to remember. It needs to communicate your brand in a memorable way. If done well, your tagline should be clear with a promise and a compelling future.

How do you write up a good tagline? Well, it isn’t easy. With seven words or less (generally) at your disposal, you have to concisely sell your brand and yourself. It can seem daunting and almost impossible. But don’t stress…here are three helpful tips that can help clear the fogginess from your creative cloud of conciseness:

1. Know your mission. What is your focus? Are you selling beds? Providing massages? Write down what you do, no matter how plain or boring it might seem. This is your base; this is your foundation. When in doubt, come back to this. “I bottle wine.”

2. Make it Visual. Use your Senses! Why does someone need your product? What does your product do for them? Heighten the senses. Remember Gatorade? Quench your Thirst!

3. Add personality to your identity. If you’re serious, you’re serious. If you want to be fun, then make sure your tagline reads fun. Regardless of tone, make sure your tagline reads with energy. With one single swoop, Harley Davidson’s energetic tagline gets their identity and personality across: American by birth. Rebel by choice.

As business, your tagline is the single most powerful means of defining your brand. Catchy and brief, your tagline is an expression of what your brand is about. So make sure you’re comfortable and happy with yours. It is, after all, an expression of who you are.

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