Stuck in the Middle with You

Stuck? Have a read of this

Chances are you have read or watched his work. At the very least you are aware that a story called The Da Vinci Code exists. His work might not be everyone’s cup of tea, but Dan Brown is one of literature’s most successful writers. His novels have sold more than 200 million copies and have been translated in over 55 languages.

And yet even Brown still experiences lulls while working. So what’s his secret to pushing past, to beating writer’s block? He takes a break every hour to do push-ups. He keeps an antique hourglass on his desk so that he can monitor when it’s time to take a small break. For every hour spent working, Brown takes a minute or two to do some push-ups, sit-ups, and stretches.

And if that doesn’t work? Brown hangs upside down using gravity boots. While extreme (and weird; you’re not Batman, Brown), this technique does correspond with the concept of a physical activity boosting your mental power.  By revitalising your body with a quick hit of exercise, you boost your mental capability. These physical movements rush blood to the brain which improves concentration and memory.

So if you’re finding you’re slowing down or discovered that a mental block has stopped your workflow, take a quick minute break and DO SOMETHING. You’ll feel refreshed, more aware, and ready to attack your work assignment. Go on...do some push-ups!

Or hang upside down. Whatever tickles your fancy and gets your blood flowing, Batman.


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