The OMA Twins - Origin Story

Friends for life

Twins defined:

  1. One of two children or animals born at the same birth.

  2. Link (a town or district) with another in a different country or cause (two towns or districts) to be linked, for the purposes of friendship and cultural exchange.

Ordinarily, words belong to only one definition. The OMA twins are a rare exception, belonging to both definitions of a twin.
Explore amongst the Kauri trunk and the Silver Ferns, and you shall find the (identical) OMA twins. Both Kiwis, of the same kin, but desiring different cultures. Distinguishable by mere pronunciation of their names: “Oh-maa” - one of the OMA’s link to family, the mother (maa), attachment to the kin; and “Oh-muh” - the Dutch word for Grandma, which sent the other OMA on his search for foreign lands.

Into the world, in search of Dutch lineage and the other mysteries of the globe (like snails in France; Kiwis eat small invertebrates, seeds, grubs, and many varieties of worms), Oh-muh then “flew”.

When Oh-muh decided to jet off - in aeroplane, for lack of flightworthy wings himself - Oh-maa knew they would never ever lose touch. The OMA brothers, like many a twin, experience the remarkable ability to communicate by the powers of ESP (extra sensory perception).

And the powers of ESP and technology, prevail. Oh-muh frequently sends home photos from his adventures. Stay posted for updates, as Oh-muh gathers ‘the ways of the world and the wind’, to educate those back home in Aotearoa.

Stay tuned!

Oh-maa and Oh-muh, aka The OMA Twins


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