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Why get involved with guest contributing? Here are three great reasons, everyone:

Why get involved with guest contributing? Here are three great reasons, everyone:

1. Making and Building Relationships
Allowing guest contributors on your blog opens the door to making and building new relationships with others in your industry. But it might not even just be confined to your own industry; seemingly unrelated industries can connect and hit new previously untargeted groups.

2. Discovering New Fans
Generally speaking, your guest contributor will have a fan base. So it is very likely those fans, or friends, will come along for the ride when their article is published on your blog. The result: more visits to your blog, and more exposure for you and your business.

Guest contributors will often times return the favour by asking you to guest post on their blog. Be sure to take them up on it so that you can benefit from the wider audience. It will also boost your reputation and add credibility to your business.

3. Adding New Flavour
With guest contribution, you’ll inject your blog with a bit of variety. Inviting guest contributors will create different topics, different points of view, and different writing styles; all of which can spice up your blog and help it from becoming predictable and boring.

Maintaining a blog is rewarding but also very time-consuming; you have to churn out quality content regularly. By inviting guest contributors to participate, you get a chance to relax and focus on other aspects of your business.

Some businesses prefer to feature only their own voice with their content, and that’s cool; handing over the reins to someone else isn’t for everyone. But, if you’re willing to give it a go, inviting guest contributors can be a win-win situation for everyone involved.

Have a great idea for a blog post? Would you like to be guest contributor? Give us a ring and join the content revolution!

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