History Repeats Itself: Re-purposing Content to Appease Your Content Monster

A good way to promote your business is to stay active on social media. 

But how do you keep the content monster happy? Try re-purposing content, or finding new ways to recycle your existing content.

Just by changing the medium or platform of existing content, you can get even more mileage from articles whilst reaching wider audiences.

When looking to re-purpose content, review your most popular posts. These posts have already proved their value with your existing audiences making them best for recycling -- especially when paired with intriguing, fresh content that is not time-sensitive.

Also consider experimenting with podcasts and videos to appeal to more audiences. Reformatting content can make all the difference, particularly for those who are keen to take a break from reading.... 

And let’s face it: with so many visual mediums available today, most people don't want to sit down and wade through text. If you are posting content that is text or data heavy, you can try using infographics. An infographic is a complete summary of content in a visual outline.

Lastly, remember that sometimes quality, talent and format aren’t all that is required for success. There are all kinds of unseen factors that affect how well a content piece performs. Sometimes lady luck is having an extra long lunch hour....  Re-purposing content ensures readers who missed your epic blog post the first time around have a chance of seeing it for round two. You've now got a second chance at content promotion.

Yes, it might seem counterintuitive to share the same content with your readers, but research by venture capitalist Tomasz Tunguz has shown that reposting can generate 75% as much engagement as an original share. 

So, why not try recycling your existing content? It can save you a little time and earn results. Seems like a no-brainer, right? 

If you want to talk about re-purposing your content or about other marketing techniques, please give us a bell at 09 413 7999.


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