3 Ways to Beat D(r)eadlines

Deadlines. Even the name sounds daunting. D(r)eadlines.

Let them frighten you and they probably will. We’ve all stressed over those encroaching dates and times, cursing their existence.

But if you’re anything like me (a relentless perfectionist), you will never finish a task if you never have a deadline. Realising that small fact has turned deadlines into motivators, for me.
When you choose to allow deadlines to motivate you, they become a goal. Something to work towards. Something to achieve. And we all like the feeling of patting ourselves on the back ... right?
So what are some ways to turn deadlines into goals?
1) Set yourself a time limit and stick to it. Set an alarm and see if you can beat the clock.

2) Promise yourself a reward. It doesn’t have to be big. (But it can be if you want it to be).

3) Importantly, remind yourself what you are working toward. Keep a post-it note of the end goal near your workspace, or even one reminding you of the feeling last time you achieved your goal (deadline). Basically, know your goal and make it personal.

However you choose to do it, the crucial factor is in seeing deadlines from a new perspective. Deadlines should be helpers, not hinderers.

And if they continue to be hinderers, perhaps you need some helpers? Give us a bell if that’s the case, we love helping people achieve their goals: 09 413 7999.


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