If Time is What You Need

At the crossroads

You have a choice: 140 words. Or 140 characters.

Let me make the choice easier for you.
140 words, plus design, plus configuration.
Or 140 characters.

And if you haven't figured it out by now, I'm talking about website updating vs social media. (Specifically, above, Twitter vs updating a web page)

A website provides you an excellent platform from which to promote your brand. Social media provides you an excellent way to build upon that platform, in a concise manner. And in real time.

Many business owners debate that they "don't have time" for real time updating. Yet, often,many hours are spent planning larger scale promotions, in an effort to be bigger and better than before. All the while, losing out on the benefits of real time updating.

My challenge to you, is, what is a better use of your time? When people are accessing social media worldwide to find updates, flash promotions, latest news, and even to create networks of people offering their own homes to travellers for free. If social media hasn't taken over the time we are living in, I really don't know what has.

Does this prove your website invaluable? Absolutely not. Your website, as your brand, should remain a timeless representation of who your company is and what you stand for. Social media, represents your evolution.

And if time is what you need, make it. It's only 140 characters. One message to a friend, less than an email to a colleague or business partner. Once a day. Time, in this case, is nothing.

And if time is truly still your biggest worry, we've got time for you. Send us a short message.... We dare you to only make it 140 characters. 09 413 7999.


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