Tag, You’re It!

Different perspectives

In the playground, tag means catching someone you've been chasing. In marketing, it's no different. Your tag-line 'catches' someone's attention, and then it's their turn to move at you.

Kids can teach us a lot of life lessons. When life is simple and playful, as a child's, ideas and creativity are that much easier to access. In considering this, I wondered what it might be like to have a child write our business taglines? After all, taglines have a reputation for being playful. And also simple.

Imagine the following scenarios:

Parent: How's your Happy Meal?
Child: I'm lovin' it!

Parent: (walks in on child staring at a handful of M&M's) What are you doing?
Child: Trying to work out how they melt in your mouth, but not in your hands…

Parent: Wow, well done! I wonder how you run so fast?!
Child: Uumm I... just do it.

Parent: So what did you think of Disneyland?
Child: It's the happiest place on earth!

See, children have a way of noticing the world around them exactly as it is. They often say the darndest things (remember that TV show?!) because they are so frank. What's more, they're not usually trying to be funny or clever in these moments. They just take an idea and run with it, say what's on their mind, play with words.

So I urge you... when considering creativity, remember what it's like to be a child. Stop trying to be clever, and start being honest. Have fun with words... even if you feel foolish at first. After all, the Mazda slogan merely consists of "zoom zoom". What better way to take the stress out of your work week than by playing! Who says adults aren't allowed to play? (They're lying!) So, over to you… tag, you’re it!

Oh, and if after you've finished playing tag you need storytime, check out bizstory here, where we can help you tell your business story to your customers. Until they just have to know what happens next...

Image courtesy of Jed Villejo


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