Romancing Your Customers

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

You don't know what you've got 'til it's gone ... there are a myriad of analogies to describe our easy oversight of what already exists in our lives. So much so that songwriters keep driving the message home, and books continue to be printed on the topic. Over and over and over again.

Yet, somehow, we're not listening or learning. So, I am here to give you another reminder. Because if you're reading this, you exist in my world and I don't want to lose you.
This is all sounding fairly romantic, so before you wonder whether I'm talking about dating or marketing, let's get to the point!
In the name of business and customer relations, we never ever want our customers to feel unappreciated. Though, sadly, they often do...
And, as the analogy foretells, it is 'too late' once they're gone. This not only exasperates us but also represents the idea that our customer no longer feels appreciated or that we have anything to offer them. In most cases, this is simply not true.

So how can we romance our customers?

1. Be intentional.
Dedicate a certain percentage of hours, dollars, or benefits to your existing customer database. Always meet your percentage target.
2. Never assume. You might think you are doing enough for your existing database, but how can you be sure? Sometimes you need to ask them if you're doing enough. Or perhaps just always strive for more, because there's no such thing as too much appreciation.
3. Use your words. There are subtle marketing techniques, and then there's straight up honesty. There's no clearer message than, "Hey, you know what? I appreciate you."
So, guess what I say to you next? ... "Hey, you know what? We appreciate you." 
And to be able to provide you more value, we'd love to know what you need from us. What do you want more of from us? How can we help you? Please feel free to drop me a line at nigelfowler@onlinemarketingagency.co.nz

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