Thumbs Out, Thumbs Up

Sharing your journey

A collection of marketing lessons a traveller learns on the road.

When you're the only people standing on the road with your thumbs out, you definitely attract attention. But it's not always the kind of attention you want. What marketing lessons can be learnt from life on the road, specifically about attracting the kind of attention your brand deserves? Let's stick our thumbs out, and see which lessons get a thumbs up.

Thumbs out: Try as you might to get people on board with your attempt to market yourself, people have to agree with what you stand for, first and foremost. Not just anybody is going to pick up a hitchhiker.
Thumbs up lesson: This isn't about you; it's about them. Not just anybody is going to choose your brand. Somewhere along the line, your values have to align. So long as you are presenting the value you have to offer people, their attention will be easily won.

Thumbs out: Some people don't trust your beautifully presented sign - no matter how honest your intentions.
Thumbs up lesson: Again, this isn't about you. It's about them. Your most brilliant design or campaign may read as in-your-face or intrusive to some. 

Thumbs out: When you are waiting for hours to be picked up, your mind gets highly creative. "What if we bought flags so people knew what country we were from?" or "What if we write the general direction instead of the destination?" or "What if..."
Thumbs up lesson: Don't be disheartened when things get challenging. You've heard it before - real breakthroughs only happen when things get tough. Adversity breeds creativity. Let the ideas come, and before you know it you'll have attention grabbing ideas in abundance.

Thumbs out: Sometimes you are walking along a strange road with your backpack, and someone just offers you a lift. That easy.
Thumbs up lesson: There's a few lessons in this one. Firstly, be who you are and do what you do. In this instance, you won't need to jump and wave your arms to attract attention. Secondly, be prepared. If someone is going to approach you, have everything you need to give them the information they want, the service they want, or the experience they want. Thirdly, sometimes you need to walk that strange road that no-one else is walking. Take a risk and walk in the opposite direction of your competitors. Some people might think you're mad, but they say there's a fine line between madness and genius....

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