3 Valuable Lists to Write at the Close of 2015

Are you racing into 2016? 

While forward momentum is good, so is taking a few moments to reflect and appreciate where you've been. So, we recommend bringing 2015 to a close by writing 3 simple yet incredibly valuable lists.

3 Essential Lists to Write at the Close of 2015:

1) What have you have achieved?

This could be a list of awards and accolades, but don’t forget to include areas or skills you excelled in. What goals did you set and subsequently achieve?

2) What opportunities were opened up?
What unanticipated “extras” did this year bring? What brought about new change? What connections were made? 

3) What have you learnt? 

Learning often comes out of ‘failures’ or unexpected results, so this is an interesting list. It forces you to reflect on your challenges and come out the other side grateful. (You may have already started this list if you read our article on lifelong learning and skill mastery.)

Writing these lists will just allow you to take a little time to appreciate 2015 for all the opportunities and new challenges it offered before you say “next”! 

And, of course, feel free to use these lists as foundations to help you smash 2016!


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