Our Gift to You: Summer Reading List

Enjoy, relax and enjoy

When the busy-ness of business gets a break over summer, we love to read.

Websites to books, laughing to dreaming, here's what some of the team at Online Marketing Agency are reading this Summer and think you should be too.

A Christmas gift for the business-minded:
Luke likes businesses that strip … namely, Business Stripped Bare by Richard Branson. Described as invaluable and inspirational, this book speaks the the broad world of business from startups to executives.

Laugh over the BBQ:
Sofia says, “I've never looked at a semicolon the same way since discovering The Oatmeal comics – HILARIOUSNESS! And you might learn something too.”

Sun soak on the beach:
Nigel feels like he's actually running when he reads Born to Run by Chris McDougall, until he remembers he's actually on the beach reading and burning eye calories instead. “It gets you thinking about giving it a go. It looks at the evolution of running from the beginning of time through to extreme endurance races of today. The book takes you on an adventure like Indiana Jones.”

Small bites over a morning coffee, or afternoon refreshment:

Elise takes bite sized chunks of Seth Godin and dunks them in her morning coffee. “I always take time to read Seth Godin's blog because it's easy to - it comes in bite sized chunks that never take more than a few minutes to chew on. Plus, he brings a new flavour to old topics every time.”

Kickstart your new year's resolutions:
Louis likes the silly season and the silly, fun, and inspiring blog, Aliventures by Ali Luke. “Yes, it is about writing, but really It's about wanting to do anything and wanting to improve on it. It’s comforting too as you get an intimate portrayal of a person trying to create something. A real life person, not a robot.”

Now, raise your glasses, say cheers, and feast your eyes, readers!


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