Marketing Advice from Justin Bieber?!

Taking over the world 3 minutes at a time

3 minutes. That’s all it takes, for a pop song to lodge itself into your brain. And it’s got you. You hear it over and over again, and whatever information it transmits becomes part of your psychology whether you like it or not.

This is the genius of pop music. Arguably the most effective information medium that exists.

“...pop has conquered the world. It is now the foremost medium for the articulation of ideas on a mass scale”, quotes a suprising Book of Life article which aims to encourage the world of philosophy to learn from the world of pop.

Substitute “philosophy” for “marketing," and the lessons stand equally as inspiring. In a marketer's fight to stand out amongst the incessant noise of competitors (and cat videos), making a lasting impression can be difficult.

Pop techniques that marketers need to be stealing:

Charm. “...know exactly how to wear away our defences and enter our imaginations with easy grace... they need to know how to win over an audience.”
Sounds like the dream result of a marketing campaign to me...

Compression. “It knows our lives are busy and has an extraordinarily ambitious sense of what could be achieved in under three minutes.
How complex are your campaigns and where could you simplify them? Go straight for the gut, or heart.

Collaboration. “Pop is unashamed about uniting talent wherever it finds it. Pop has overcome the Romantic hangup about the unique creator.”
Are you sourcing ideas from all possible team members and/or sources? Who else could you be collaborating with to create an excellent campaign?

Repetition. “It works its effect through being heard again and again. It would prefer to grab three minutes from you every day, than three hours every two months.”
There is far too much traffic for you to expect to be seen or heard if your campaign or updates are few and far between. You need to be everywhere, always.

And you didn't believe you could be a Belieber... (Urban Dictionary. Belieber: one who is an obsessive fan of Justin Bieber)
Start singing the praises of pop, and read the full article here.

Image courtesy of Sebastian Vital


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