3 Essential Productivity Hacks for the Silly Season

End of year rush. Festive season. Pandemonium.

You're either working toward a summer break, or you're pushing to tie up this year's loose ends while planning for next year.

You're working long hours, you have double the workload, and you're simultaneously reflecting and forecasting. You will not stop until it's done....
Then, and only then, will you let yourself stop for a break. All too familiar? 

Productivity hacks for the silly season:

1 less deadline to remember. Have you discovered how to schedule social media posts or blog posts yet? Let's start with the how-to's of letting Facebook and Twitter automatically post for you:

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/help/389849807718635
Twitter: https://business.twitter.com/help/scheduled-tweets

7 steps to success. Choose your daily 'must-complete' tasks at the start of your day, before you do anything else. I like to choose 7 to start my day with. This gives me a goal, forces me to prioritise, and creates a more focused way of working.

25 minutes and 1 tomato. According to the Pomodoro Technique (http://pomodorotechnique.com/get-started/) 25 minutes is the optimum amount of time to separate tasks into. How many tomatoes will it take to get your task done?

I don't know if it's the tomatoes, or if it's Christmas, but now all I'm seeing is red and green. If the silly season is making you silly too, try to work smarter not harder. Happy tasking!


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