We're All Made of Stardust

We can't all be as immortal or eccentric as David Bowie was

We can't all be as immortal or eccentric as David Bowie was. But we are all made of Stardust. In the wake of losing an influential figure in the history of pop music and popular culture, we have an opportunity to ask ourselves about the mark we are making.

As I'm sure you are also experiencing, there's no escaping the inundation of Bowie tributes this week. Personally, I have found that the star has shone ever brighter with each I have seen. Why? Because people have been expressing the way Bowie has been a source of liberation and empowerment for themselves or others. 
A friend said, “He is the essence of independent thought... He lead the way to celebrating diversity and shook up boring societal pressures...” 
It was all in his willingness to be different, extraordinary, eccentric. He was unafraid to be bizarre, and consequently let others feel ok in their own awkwardness. He was bold, and he did what was true to him.
And another friend quoted, “He celebrated difference. He celebrated the minorities and "outcasts" which was and is very needed...”
If we want to make our mark on the world, we have to be unashamed to present ourselves and all our big ideas. Perhaps you have some big ideas hiding away that you think are too strange? Perhaps you're doing what your competitors do, because you believe that's what customers want? 
Let's challenge ourselves to be bold and brave this year. Because, after all, we are all actually made of Stardust...


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