The Risk of Difference

Which one are you?

Hunting for new talent to complement your team and drive new ideas? Wading through CVs?

Imagine a CV that looks like this:

“This guy's parents give him up for adoption. He never finishes college. He job-hops quite a bit, goes on a sojourn to India for a year, and to top it off, he has dyslexia. Would you hire this guy?

By the way, his name is Steve Jobs.”

Standardising our processes makes things more efficient. When interviewing potential candidates for a role in your team, there’s not enough time to analyse each CV in detail. 

But what are you looking for? Who will be the best fit? The Ivy league graduate, who appropriately yet unsurprisingly ticks all the boxes, or the scrapper - you know, that individual with a patchwork quilt of employment and experiences. 

What happens when we try on a new way of thinking? When we take a risk on a person or even on a creative idea? Quite often: the result is magic. 

In this TED Talk, Human resources manager Regina Hartley discusses just this - the point of difference you should consider when looking for a valuable team member.


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