The C Word

You know the one right?

Do we or don't we say it? You know, that C word that gets everyone all a fluster. It creates a panic in some, and an excitement in others... Christmas. 

November has arrived and we don't really get a choice whether we start thinking about Christmas yet or not. Decorations have long ago appeared and it's the word on people's lips. (Does anyone else think the promotions and decorations get earlier, year by year?!) 

So, other people are saying it, but do you need to shout the C word from the rooftops?

I wondered today what it might be like for businesses to stray from the norm and not promote/talk about/post about Christmas so blatantly. What effect might this have on customers? Could it be a way to stand out from your competitors? Ever thought about your customers who don’t celebrate Christmas? 

When everything looks green and red, and you're there splashing about other colours, perhaps this could help you stand out. Of course, standard marketing dictates that seasons matter, and at some point there is no holding back from the C word. 

But there are a whole other 25 letters in that alphabet. I bet you've got it in you to try out some other combinations. Go on.... Push the boundaries. 

And give us a yell if you need some vocabulary…. Our copywriters have a plethora of words.


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