Are your differences making you gimmicky?

I recently tried out two beers with two distinctively different tastes ... and outcomes.

Rogue, who usually make outstanding beer, put 'Voodoo Doughnut Bacon Maple Ale' on my palate. And you might be saying, “I mean, what is that? Beer? Dessert? Doughnut style french toast beer? Sorcery?...” 

Truth is, Rogue has some brilliantly flavoured beers, but this time around: the product was gross and gimmicky. I was disappointed with Rogue as a brand. Looks like they were scraping the bottom of the barrel.
Ballast Point, however, is a brand I was previously less familiar with. But their grapefruit twist on an IPA was just the right amount of quirk. This was a quality product, and it drew me in and got me curious about the rest of their range. They extended their neck far enough to be noticed, but not so far as to lose their sense of balance.
And the balance here is all about remaining dedicated to quality. Sure, quirky gets you noticed. But it becomes a gimmick when you don't meet the mark. With the right amount of quirky, and the right amount of quality, you are not only noticed but trusted.
What are you brewing? Quirk or gimmick? I hope your answer is: quality.


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