Getting saucy

Hot or spicy?

In all its football, advertising, and chicken wing hype, Super Bowl Sunday really did get me thinking about sauces … *ahhem* I mean... sources. (See discussion on how advertising giants capitalised on their own resources in Super Bowl campaigns here)

In hindsight, after publishing the article, what I realised is that many could be left thinking, “Uuummm but we can't afford to pay Helen Mirren, and/or we don't have an in-house team of creatives sitting around brainstorming all day”. So, time to get practical on what “using your resources” might mean to a humble business on a small island nation.
Thinking about resources led to thinking about outsourcing – the way to put the finishing touches on a dish (project) that gives you time to focus on the main dish (your business). 

I've done the tasting for you, and prepared the menu: 
1.BBQ Sauce (The Social Source)
“When we get an 'x', we'll do 'y'.” But when you wait for ‘x’, to start ‘y’, all too often it turns into zzzzzzz – that is, sleepy dormant ideas that never get accomplished. That's the beauty of contacts, networking, and the social scene. What about collaborating with those in your networks?  
2.Hot Sauce (The Eyebrow Raising Source)
Here's the advantage of being a small island nation. 2 degrees of separation. So, you know someone that knows a hot-shot. 'People of influence' in NZ may still be considered hot property but it seems time and again they're not too cool to participate, where great ideas are involved. If you believe in your ideas, they just might too. Why not ask them?
3.Special Sauce (The Secret Recipe Source)
There are those that know how to create what you don't. While you are being great at growing your business, digital and technology developments are happening, and experts are expanding their skillsets to meet these needs. Specialists in online marketing, copy and content creation, app and website development, (the list goes on), spend hours perfecting their craft. Why wouldn't you outsource them?
Outsourcing makes your business life easier. It means you don't have to put off projects because your business doesn't have all the ingredients yet. It means you can take advantage of the fact that your next door neighbour has butter (and when they answer the door Dan Carter might be dining with them). It means that you can prepare the main course, but the Jones' will bring dessert because they make killer pavlova. Basically, metaphors aside, outsourcing is a smart way to do business.
Want some online marketing special sauce? We've got a menu all of our own. The recipe is ours, but the result is yours. Drop us a line and let's get cooking... 


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