Does my brand look fat on me?

How does your brand fit your style? 

This week I bought 'my dream t-shirt', and when I exclaimed my excitement I was met with the answer, “Ummm … is there such thing as a dream t-shirt?' The answer is yes. 

And at this moment, I remembered how essential it is to take our thinking back to the basics. If we settle for an OK t-shirt -- we only feel 'ok' -- we create the same impression. Subconsciously people will then tend to think we're just 'ok'. 

As a brand, the question becomes: have you found your dream t-shirt?

When we get our basics right, we can layer on top of them with confidence. We start strong and can continue in the same fashion (unintentional pun ... really!). It may seem silly, but as soon as you start viewing your brand as a person, you can more easily define its personality, values, beliefs and style. 

In presenting our brand well - from the basics up, we give off an air of confidence. It says, “We have value, take pride in everything we are, and have taken care to get it right.” And when we can confidently say, “This is the best version of me, down to the last detail”, we know our brand has truly taken shape.

So, if your brand’s t-shirt doesn’t look or feel ‘just right’, take it back and exchange it. Experiment and test. Ask friends and trusted colleagues for their opinions. While it might take some time, nailing the essence of your brand is fundamental to accurately representing who you are. Get this right and you won’t be wondering if you ‘look fat in this’ or feeling indifferent.

Now go and get your dream t-shirt on!


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