It’s a match!

When you put two and two together...

You’re on Tinder, you swipe right, and then you figure out that the match isn’t right… 

Appearances can be deceiving, they say. But not in a manipulative way. Sometimes things appear to be genuinely what we want, but it takes more thorough investigation to be certain. And business-customer relationships are no exception to this rule. So, how do we know that we are a real match? 

Just as in a dating relationship, communication is key

Both parties should be talking about what they expect, need, and value. In establishing your working relationship, it is beneficial to be clear about these factors from the start. We all know the value difference between short- and long-term gain, and setting these foundations means you can return to them as guidelines if things get tricky. So, what should you be discussing?

Setting relationship foundations in 3 questions:

1) What problem are we helping you solve? (needs)
2) What would be a “successful” outcome of this relationship? (values)
3) When do you hope to see quantifiable results? (expectations)

If you want a truly compatible working relationship, it’s important that you ask these questions early. Equally important, is that you reflect your own expectations, needs, and values to your prospective customer. It is only when these foundations are clear that a good match will be made, meaning the likelihood of customer retention is higher. 

And of course, the more transparent you are about all of this from the get-go, the faster you can find real compatibility. How transparent are your marketing efforts? Are you posting selfies and hoping to win them over with that well practised pout? Or is your genuine and natural smile out there for the world to see? How do you market yourself?

Let’s get real. We can help you with personable marketing efforts. Drop us a line if you think we’re compatible. 


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