JC Rises to Join the Digital World

Good bye John

New Zealand’s heart broke last year at the cancellation of John Campbell’s one-of-a-kind “Campbell Live”. A long-time broadcaster, Campbell was surely always going to make a comeback -- because that’s what legends do. 

The new multimedia version of Checkpoint, hosted by John Campbell, is “still a radio show”. But, the move into multimedia includes streaming video coverage, Skype interviews, a Youtube page, shareable video clips, opportunities to comment online, or even watch episodes on Freeview's Channel 50. 

Check out the show here 

A blend of old and new send the message “we are credible and remaining relevant”. 

What is it that your customers trust about who you are as a business? What are the things that create reliability? What is it that you are doing to keep up in the digital world? How do you stay relevant?


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