Truths the mountains whispered

At the top of that first mountain, your perspective changes. Discovery really begins.

If you want to conquer a mountain range, begin today. If you want to learn a language, begin today. If you want to implement a new idea into your business, begin today.

I'm not saying begin thinking about it today. I really mean, take action. Chances are – if you want to conquer mountains, languages, or new ideas -- you have already spent countless hours thinking about the aforementioned.

'What ifs' aren't going to get you any closer
. You've already thought about it all, a hundred times over.
It is not until you have climbed the first mountain peak that you can know your strengths and weaknesses.
It is not until you have learnt some new vocabulary that you realise what you don't retain in conversation.

It is not until you begin implementing an idea that you can truly shape it to suite your business
If not now, when? Because all your best ideas are waiting for you. And I'll tell you what: the view from up there is going to be like nothing you've ever witnessed before. The Swiss Alps told me so...
Still don't believe me? See what Isaac Newton has to say about it...


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