Bob Hoskins dead! … Twice?!

Are you fact checking?

Don't believe everything you read. Especially on the internet. 
With 347,222 tweets shared every minute, there's no doubt a degree of untruth and misquoting, floating around in cyberspace. 
And that's just Twitter. Add articles, webpage content, and emails, to the equation, and the degree of accuracy lowers again. 

When you read something online, how often do you check your sources? Do you question: 
1) Where did I get this information? 
2) Is it true?
Apparently not many people are checking sources, when Twitter sees news of Bob Hoskins' death trending … 2 years after his death. Or, when an article received 10,000 views in Ljubljana, Slovenia, after renowned street artist, Banksy, was rumoured – via online mediums -- to have visited. 
Apparently people will believe everything they read.
Mostly, we place our trust in our preferred websites, companies, and news providers that we visit time and again. Or we trust in our friends and networks to share genuine or factual content. 
What this means as a business sending content into the world is that we must take responsibility for our own fact-checking. Whether that be when we share outside sources or when we produce our own original content. We need to be accountable for all that we create, because this creates trust. 

Check your sources. Check the facts. Always. (Whether creating content, or consuming it…)

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