Is your brand note-able?

Take note with your brand

When your bank note has been awarded ‘Banknote of the Year’, by the International Bank Note Society, you’ve done something well in terms of branding. Well done New Zealand, and your new $5 note.

In this particular case, the criteria for judging were design, technical sophistication, and security. Meaning, the note has an excellent fusion of function and form - which is also what a good brand needs. 

The function of a brand, serves to create a practical connection between the brand and user. The NZ banknote seamlessly does this through its world class security features.

The form of a brand, serves to create an image of who you are. The NZ banknote does this by showcasing New Zealand’s history, culture and heritage; namely, Sir Edmund Hillary, NZ flora and fauna, and Maori imagery. 

Ka pai, New Zealand. (Perhaps the bank note committee needs to have words with the flag committee…)

Does your brand use both function and form? Does it tell your BizStory?


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