Is your website Gen X, Gen Y or Millennial?

Take a moment to consider what generation your website appeals to

The fact that technology and digital are constantly evolving is undeniable. 

Yet we so often ignore or put aside the digital changes we need to make, as businesses, in order to focus on the important day-to-day goals. Especially when it comes to websites. 

Your website is the platform that most often acts as the ‘face’ of your business. So it should be one of the most important aspects of your marketing. 

Ensure your website grows with you; it's as easy as 1, 2, 3:

  • The amount of websites I encounter that appear outdated and ready for retirement, so to speak, is unnerving. Design speaks to us in our hyper visual culture, so a good looking, modern website is essential. Remember, you will be judged on your (website's) first appearance. Whether you like it or not. Be honest with yourself. Would people think your business is fading out of the picture or thriving just from its aesthetic? If your website is aging in place, it’s time to get on-trend. 
  • Your photography should reflect the era. Sure, there might be a certain charm to those “old timey” photos … but there's definitely nothing appealing about poor quality images on a business website. Unless you've intentionally chosen a 'retro' design for your brand, your photos should appear that they've been taken recently – and professionally. 
  • The way you articulate ideas, and are able to manipulate language, plays a subtle yet important role in being able to express yourself. It's about telling your personal story so that people can understand your unique position in the world. If you haven't updated the text on your website in a while, it's likely that it no longer reflects who your business is today. 

These three simple ideas should help you do a quick once-over of your website. That's the first step.

 And if you need help with the potential pains of new growth (or want to hurry the process up, because you just don’t have time to nurture it yourself), drop us a line. We can help walk you through the next stage...


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