7,479,865 Youtube Views

Check out this clip

Are you aware that there is some kind of internet video phenomenon of people unwrapping Kinder Surprise eggs? The amount of Youtube videos of this nature, is unbelievable. 

What’s more unbelievable is the amount of views some of them have. This particular video has 7,479,865 views on youtube - for 34 minutes of peeling and opening and toys.

I mean, isn’t the point of Kinder Surprise that you get to play with the toy afterwards? Why would over 7 million viewers take any interest at all in this and how did they find it?


Take a look at the title - it features “Disney”, for a start. 
Now, not that we condone the way the keywords are used here - to coerce people toward what they may usually not find or go searching for. But, does this not show the absolute power of internet marketing?


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