Recycle, re-use, resurrect

Stories don’t have a ‘now’ without a ‘before’.

In our honest attempt to keep up alongside high speed internet and technological evolution, it's easy to forget what we already have. All our marketing campaigns that have gone before, screeds of shared content, and those ideas we had that got set aside for the sake of others.

Who's to say we can't recycle those campaigns, re-use that older content, and resurrect those past moments of genius from mind maps, scrapbooks and desk drawers? 

You've already made it as far as you have, which means you’re likely sitting on your own gold mine – one that you've forgotten about because you were looking forward to the next project. 

The business art of repurposing:

Recycle: Examine one of your old campaigns with a critical eye. What aspects made it successful? How can you look at it from a different angle, use the same materials and change the shape? 

Re-use: Reference and link to past content of yours as often as possible. If something you say reminds you of something you already said... great! It only works to reinforce the strength of your business vision and infrastructure.

: When you're brainstorming a new campaign or project, how many ideas do you sift through before you strike gold? Countless. But just because they weren't quite golden in the past, doesn't mean they won't be now. 

Polishing up old content could save you time, money, and stress. So, why wouldn't you do it? Things might be changing around you, but your core business values probably aren’t changing as fast. Keep telling your story from your existing pages. 


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