How to make consequence-less decisions

If there were no consequences, what would you do?

When decision-making, we often pose the question “which is the better option?”. This idea of “better” is based upon which set of consequences we are more willing to bear.

But remove all consequences from the process and simply compare Option A with Option B. What happens then?

Try it. Ask yourself “if there were no consequences, would I choose Option A or Option B”. Because it is merely an exercise, respond within the first 10 seconds. Use your gut. I'd say the answer probably comes to you pretty easily.

Removing the consequences reminds us of why we are struggling with indecision in the first place. We had an idea; we wanted something. In order for that idea to come to fruition, to have what we want, things must change. Within change inevitably lies consequence.

Consequence comes into the game and might even trick us into thinking “do I really want this?”. The answer is most likely yes. You still want this. But you have changed gears from “what do I want?” to “how much am I willing to risk for this?”.

Remind yourself of what you truly want, and jump. If you are not ready to jump, that is fine too. Just remember, either way: you chose this.

Step 1: Remove the consequences and remind yourself of your desire.
Step 2: Jump, act, move, choose.
Step 3: Live with the consequences and remind yourself that there would have been consequences either way.


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