How search can inform our content

You're not the only human who has searched for “what is the meaning of life”, last year.

You're not the only human who has searched for “what is the meaning of life”, last year. Phew, what a relief – you're not the only one wakes up utterly confused some mornings. 

Moreover, if you did search that, you're part of a big statistic. 

People are searching “what is...”, and “how to...”, every second. And “what is the meaning of life” was NZ's 5th most searched “what if” question in 2015.

People are curious. People want answers, advice, guidance, someone who knows better ... or more … or even just different.

I see an opportunity here – an opportunity to be an educator, a guiding voice, a source of information. As an expert in your field (which of course you are, considering you have a whole business based on it), you have endless answers that you could be providing.

You could be at the other end of that Google search.

Instead of being the “what is...”, you could be the “x is...”

You can be a solution.

This is the power and potential of content.

What questions are your customers asking, and do you have content waiting at the other end of that Google search for them? Better still, are you anticipating their questions and delivering answers directly to them via your marketing campaigns? Because, in case you missed our news last week, you now have to be responding to customer needs before they even know they have them.

What do you know that your customers are yet to learn?

You don't have to solve the meaning of life, either ... number 2 on the NZ “what is” 2015 top searches was “what is the time in NZ”. That's a pretty simple question to answer, one would think… (why does nobody in NZ, know what the time is in NZ?!)


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