How to be newer than the news

Imagine being able to connect with your target audience anywhere, any time. 

Unlike John Lennon's 'Imagine', which we unfortunately still have to keep dreaming about, unlimited customer touchpoints are no longer a far-reaching utopia. 

Mobile changed that quite some time ago. That's the old news. 

What's new, is that we now have to be so on top of our marketing, that we have to be ahead of our target audience more than ever before. We have to be responding to customer needs before they even know they have them.

Our job now is to anticipate the many ways in which customers might choose to respond to our product or service, and have pre-prepared the necessary content. 

How to be newer than the news:

Creating marketing based on mobility. If you are being searched for, or are setting up targeted campaign ads, you have to know your audience so well that you have already imagined the specific needs and times they might urgently pick up their device. And when they do, your content needs to be ready and waiting. 

Easy-to-share content. Because if there's a chance your content could be shared, you don't want to miss it. Consider social sharing buttons and plug ins, because imagine if you missed the opportunity to go viral.

Mobile friendly sites. This includes having an up to date 'mobile version' of your website, and creating bite sized content that is screen friendly. Imagine content that can be read while waiting for the train. And ensure your products may be easily purchased in a few online clicks and taps.

SEO and keywords. Think up all the possible scenarios you can imagine that someone might have an impulse to search for your products or services. Update your content accordingly so you can stay in the search engine game.

So what are you waiting for? Reach your audience when and where it matters most.


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