Who owns loser.com?

Try it out

Type www.loser.com into your browser later on. See where it takes you...

Last week, we wrote about domain name protection and I wanted to touch on a more creative perspective on domains this week.

We often consider our internet domain name only in terms of straightforward direction to our company. But some people like to get a little creative.

Imagine owning like.com, for example. Google does.

Occurrences like this remind us that the internet never ceases to be powerful, suggestive, and creative.

There are two ways people get alternative with domain names:

Perhaps you have a domain name marketing idea that could lead the curious toward your site? One that doesn't mention your brand name, but is, instead, results oriented. Thus, we have BoredomHurts.com owned by Ford.

And then there’s typosquatting. Typographical errors are common when inputting web addresses into browsers. Beware the URL hijackers of this world! Whether creating humour/political statement with creations such as loser.com, or leading users to malicious sites, we can never be too wary! Keep an eye on where your butter fingers lead you!

Marketing truly is limitless, huh?


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