Ready? Steady? Go - revamping your brand

The power of a brand

People are congregating in public places. Or, rather, Pokémon are congregating in public places and the people are going where they go. With the new augmented reality app, every Pokémon fan's dream has come to life – you can now train and capture Pokémon, in real life!

If this isn't a brand win, nothing is.

The release of Pokémon GO has been a staggering success. It has been the most downloaded app in the Apple store in its release week, and has surpassed many other other popular apps such as Twitter and Tinder, in its average daily usage.

Here's a brand who is showcasing the effectiveness of keeping up with the advancing digital world.

Branding and content always have potential to evolve. You just have to make it relevant to today's audience. Originally, Pokémon was a game made for Nintendo Game Boy hand held consoles. As the years have progressed, the franchise has expanded to include video games, trading cards, tv shows, movies, comic books, and toys. And now, as interactive media and Virtual Reality edge into our lives, this augmented reality game is the obvious evolution of thePokémon brand.

 We're not quite at augmented reality yet, (nor would it suit what we do) but we can help you step up your digital game. Let us know if you need help with social media, digital content, or your website.


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