A little (tweeting) bird told me...

The fastest social media platform from which to spread news, opinion

Twitter: The digital “little bird told me”. The fastest social media platform from which to spread news, opinions ... and perhaps a bit of gossip.

When Jason Bourne Series author, Eric Van Lustbader, tweeted last week about the hospitalisation of his editor after eating at food chain, Chipotle, the chain’s stock dipped as much as 3.4%. After a recent run of foodborne illness outbreaks, Chipotle has been desperately trying to repair its brand image - and then this happened.

All because of a Twitter post. A social media move more powerful than a Bourne chokehold.

If you’re still doubting the power of social media, from a brand perspective, this couldn’t be a clearer example of its potential for influence.

But Twitter doesn’t just create negative influence, of course. If you’ve got a clean brand, you can hugely benefit from using Twitter (and other social media) in your digital strategy.

If your business offerings are largely affected by wider markets and news trends, or your product lines are regularly updated, Twitter could help your customers and prospects stay up to date.

Twitter is arguably the best social media platform to get all those small but necessary whisperings out there, since a large proportion of its users access the platform as a source of news or to engage with favourite celebrities and brands.

(If Twitter doesn’t sound like the perfect social media match for your business, check out our guide to choosing the right social media channel for you.)

While social media has the power to clip your wings, we say it’s worth it. Because if you’ve got nothing to hide, and everything to share and give, it’s only going to work to your advantage. A little bird told me that - are you ready to fly? - we can help you spread your social media wings.


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