Choose your channel

Pick up your TV remote, choose your channel. 

You have a favourite, due to the type of content you prefer. Why would Digital 'channels' be any different?

There's an unavoidable demand for your business to be online, but you want to be marketing to the right audience. Because the content you have to share is unique to your business story.
Strategy is everything. Last week one of our team members said, "Having no strategy is like running blindfolded during an earthquake." Perhaps a tad extreme ... but you get the idea.

It’s easy to be tempted to be contactable and connect-able on all digital channels. But is this really beneficial to you if one of those channels isn’t tuned in? Here’s a quick breakdown of the four top digital channels and their unique benefits. Perhaps this will help you align yourself with the right channel(s) for your business.

4 top digital channels and their benefits:

  • Maintaining its status as the Social Media Channel with the most users, Facebook might be the most obvious first step for those new to the social media game
  • In terms of its reach, it is also the most used Social Media Channel across all age groups and the mostly frequently used App. The buy-in here is that Facebook can offer you market research via their Insights.
  • For businesses who have a lot of content to share, can generate discussion-provoking posts, or are willing to pay for advertising. Especially great for B2C businesses.
  • Twitter users are renowned for using Twitter to interact with brands, whether that be through following, customer support, re-tweets, or feedback via tagging brands in their own opinion posts.
  • Acting as a sort of mini news forum, Twitter is often visited by users on a purely spectatorial level. A large portion of Twitter account holders never even post their own updates. They are there with the intention of gathering information about your brand.
  • For businesses whose industries are news heavy, whose product lines are often updated, or who can benefit from re-tweeting and connecting with industry leaders and influencers. (Or perhaps for those companies with that one witty team member - put those constant one-liners to good use!). Excellent for both B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Linkedin is the best example of an online business card or professional résumé, for those who really just want to get down to business.
  • As the 'Social Network' that appears to have the most pointed focus on networking, Linkedin is all about making contacts and establishing professional connections. Furthermore, it is now possible to post content on Linkedin - making it a feasible content tool.
  • For businesses or individuals whose work thrives off an ever broadening range of potential partners, employees, employers, and opportunities. In industries where professional credentials are particularly important in establishing your name, Linkedin will benefit you. Best suited to B2B businesses.
  • Email newsletters can be thought of as an ongoing campaign - one which seeks to maintain regular and consistent contact with your existing following. 
  • As a channel to share articles, news, industry updates, expert tips, and promotional offers, email newsletters have the widest scope of potential content opportunities. Consistently using content to remain top of mind means that you promote yourself as an industry leader. Trust and reliability is the name of the email newsletter game. 
  • For businesses whose value extends far outside an initial trade, deal, exchange, meeting, or purchase, and needs a consistent channel by which to keep giving and sharing. Beneficial for both B2B and B2C businesses.
  • Your business' market has specific needs, wants, and expectations. Your strategy should reflect this, and so you should choose your channels wisely. 

Consider what type of content would serve both you and your customer base, and compare it to our suggestions above. And if you're still wondering why your channel just isn't working, let us help you tune it up.

Because you want your customers to find you in one click of their digital remote (otherwise known, these days, as a hand)... what channel are you on?


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