Flip your marketing on its head

Like yogis, standing on your head can work wonders for marketers too.

Establishing and maintaining a business trajectory is important -- we all know this. But sometimes we can become so busy considering who our target market is and how to reach them that we forget the most important fact: their perspective. Or how they experience the world and ourselves through their very eyes.

Enter: the (proverbial) headstand.

A new angle can be refreshing. A new angle can reveal things you couldn’t see before. So place yourself in your customers’ heads.

The questions your customers ask, their objections, and their feedback, are a representation of your company. They might not be able to quote your company values and mission statement, but they will be able to provide a perspective that sits outside your own.

  1. Yogic headstands flush fresh nutrients and oxygen to the face. In business marketing, the perspective of a customer may help you to develop the “face” of your company. Share customer testimonials, via social media, your website, or email newsletters, to allow your customers to give a freshness to your company’s face.
  2. Allowing blood to flow downward to the brain, your heart is relieved of unnecessary strain. As business leaders, we can get so wrapped up in the heart of what we do and want, that it only gets us anxious. What if you rested, dear heart, and allow your customers to be your brains. Perhaps you could create online polling, or social posts that demand feedback and discussion.
  3. Headstands focus your strength on different parts of your body than usual. If you are suddenly in a position where you must engage with your shoulders and core, when you usually rely on your legs, you have to problem solve. Customer perspectives, and especially objections, can be our biggest tool when our usual focus is remaining upright. Take their objections and answer them - with informative content via website landing pages, newsletters or blog articles.

So, as you see, upside down is not really upside down at all. It’s not an alien way of seeing things - it’s actually just a different perspective on the exact same world. And when your customers are seeing you from the other side of your marketing campaigns, they are seeing you ‘upside down’, so to speak.

Ready for a rush of blood to your marketing campaign? We can help with marketing to, for, and because of your customers. Get in touch.


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