Get your audience's vote

The vote is upon them

On Friday 24th June, British media announced a majority vote for a 'Brexit'; the United Kingdom to exit the European Union (EU).

On Friday 24th June, Google Trends announced a rise in Brexit related searches -- AFTER the votes had been cast and counted. 

Top UK search, post-vote, on the topic of the Brexit, was: "What does it mean to leave the EU". "What is the EU", came in at second. 
Did the British public suddenly realise there might be consequences to their vote? Or, were they poorly informed from the outset? 

Focusing on the latter, as a marketer, I once again returned to the ever crucial rule: If you want people to believe in you, you must keep them informed and provide a clear message. 

In digital marketing, there are two steps to keeping your audience informed:

  1. Be searchable. When your audience is searching online and asking, "what is (your company name here)", can you be found? Is your SEO  up to date? Is it easy to find information about you? Are you on social platforms? 
  2. Have a clear story. Now that your audience has found you, what are you telling them about? What does it mean to buy (insert your product or service name here). What does your content say about what you do and who you are as a business? Do you have information readily available to answer common objections? This information is easily provided through your website landing pages, email newsletters, or social media activity.

The more of your story you are able to tell, the more informed your customer can be. And it is in knowing you, they can trust you. Don't let them find out they didn't know what they were voting for, after it's too late...


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